Other Countries

As the demand for foreign recruitment increases due to several reasons required for certain roles and might not be suitable for Singaporeans, the need for local firms to source for foreign talents has become a necessity to many firms. An good example are construction labor jobs in Singapore. Our diverse database comprising of candidates from China, India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and many more will ensure that our experienced Recruitment Consultants pair up the best man for the designated role.

Our company possess a huge network with established agencies worldwide, namely China, India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and many more for industry sectors such as Manufacturing (Factories, Industries), Service (Retail, Food & Beverages, Logistics, Cleaning etc), Construction and many more.

Our database of candidates also stretches to a big pool of Malaysian job seekers, including fresh graduates who are keen to secure a job position in Singapore. We are also experts in Work Permit, Specialized, Permanent Residence, Dependent and Employment Pass application.

Apart from this, we take pride in having Recruitment Consultants who are knowledgeable and highly specialized in industry-specific areas to be able to better source out only the best workers to fit the job requirements.

Through well-monitored and extensive interview, we are confident of sourcing out the best qualified candidate for our valued client. Personal interviews with the foreign candidates can be arranged upon request at no additional cost so as to provide the best end results and to increase the quality of our client's workforce.

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